4 Corners Ranch provides elite beef on Market Wagon

Mar 22nd, 2021

4 Corners Ranch sits in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. It has been quite an adventure for Allen and Kimberly since they left their homes in Ohio and Pennsylvania 10 years ago. Since then, they have built a loyal customer base through local farmers' markets and experienced great success. Their unique product and exceptional quality made their beef stand out from the rest. 

However, with limited reach to new customers due to a physical farmer’s market constraints, Kimberly was soon approached by Market Wagon. She eventually decided to continue to market their brand and build a larger consumer base. Soon, joining Market Wagon would be the best decision they could’ve made.

Market Wagon has helped 4 Corners Ranch with more than just consumer accessibility and easier delivery. It has helped them reach a client base that the farm could not have accessed on their own. By providing a broad delivery area, they have been exposed to a larger consumer base creating more returning business and regulars for the ranch. Kimberly said that the farm's sales and revenue have increased about 100% since joining Market Wagon, and they have a 95% return rate with customers. 

On the ranch, owners Allen and Kimberly provide plenty of fresh water and love for their longhorn cattle and let them graze freely. Longhorn beef is a naturally lean and healthier alternative to traditional beef products. Since the Longhorn beef never has any antibiotics or growth hormones added ever, it is much healthier than the beef at the grocery store. LongHorn cattle also have a hardy immune system, making them largely resistant to disease and ideal cattle to raise. The ranch’s most popular product is their ground beef which is 95% lean, has a very beefy flavor, little to no drainage, and is very dense and versatile.

4 Corners Ranch’s success with Market Wargon is very apparent, and they will only continue to grow due to their dedication and incredible product. Kimberly has even advised a few fellow farmers to work with Market Wagon since they have saved the farm so much time by developing a marketing strategy and doing all the deliveries on their behalf. With their “better beef by divine design,” 4 Corners Ranch is a farm to check out on Market Wagons Website.