An injury changed their lives forever. Now, this Loveland couple grows a farm with love

Aug 11th, 2022

At Boltz to Nutz Farm, there are 43 chickens. One of them is named Gloria. Gloria is partially paralyzed on one side. Her left leg tilts inward ever since a raccoon bit her under her wing. As she goes to move, she falters. 

Yvonne Boltz gives the chicken an encouraging nod, and Gloria finds her balance. 

“Everyone has a spot here, including our bird of determination,” said Yvonne, who owns and lives on this Loveland farm with her husband, Eric. 

Boltz to Nutz Farm is a sustainability-driven farm that uses organic and biodiverse agricultural methods. Their produce is sold on Market Wagon, a service that allows customers to order goodies from local farmers and artisans to be delivered right to their doors. [continue reading]