As You Look for Something that Offers Stability & Confidence Amid Uncertainty, Look Local

Jun 3rd, 2022

Two years ago, the word most often used was “unprecedented.”  We were living in unprecedented times, with unprecedented threats and, for some, unprecedented opportunities.   In 2022, we face "uncertain" times. We are uncertain about global politics, uncertain about stability, and uncertain about the impact that inflation will have on our daily lives.
As you look for something that offers stability and confidence amid uncertainty, I invite you to Look Local.

  • Rising prices in the grocery aisle? It may be time to look local. For years, local food has been perceived as more expensive than supermarket offerings. But as grocery prices are on the rise, many local foods are not impacted the same way. The gap is narrowing between conventional grocery choices and a decision to invest in your local food community.   
  • Looking for ways to help others find more stability? For those fortunate enough to weather these uncertain times relatively unscathed, there is often a desire to give back. If that’s your desire, then look local. Do not underestimate the impact of your shopping choices. How and where you choose to spend your grocery budget matters far more to the local farmer than you can imagine.

Lastly, this is a message that needs to be shared. Market Wagon is more than just a local market, it’s a local community. As you look local, you can also invite your friends to do the same. When you do, they’ll get a $20 credit on their first order, and you will get a $20 credit for referring them. It’s just another small way that we’re helping you to look local, and make a difference with your shopping choices.

Nick Carter
Co-Founder & CEO