Bring the best of authentic Bavaria to your door with Country Grill Chicagoland

Mar 10th, 2022

Florian Porsch is a man on a mission. He’s a native of Germany, a food truck veteran who spent years selling rotisserie chicken and other Bavarian specialties in his homeland. But, when he realized that Americans eat more chicken than anywhere else, yet there were very few rotisserie food trucks in the United States, he saw an opportunity.

His expertise has quickly turned Country Grill Chicagoland into a cult favorite, showcasing locally-sourced ingredients. Now, thanks to a partnership with Market Wagon, Florian can bring his delicious foods right to your front door so that you can enjoy the best of Bavarian-style foods without leaving home.

Florian and his wife Annkathrin came to the United States in 2019 and began operating a special German-engineered food truck. While he had already lived in California, Illinois and Texas too, he liked the friendly Midwestern mentality and decided Chicago was the perfect place to settle (and he hasn’t been disappointed).

But just 9 months after arriving, the pandemic hit. While on one hand, the pandemic helped him find new customers and experience an explosion of popularity on social media, supply chain issues became a problem too. He had great difficulty finding one of his key menu items, pork ribs, and there’s been a sharp increase in costs for ingredients like chickens.

That’s why Market Wagon has been a happy discovery. Florian makes all his food from scratch and always cooks more chicken than he expects to sell so he can avoid running out of food and having disappointed customers. Now, instead of throwing away extra chickens, he turns the meat into tasty dishes like fresh chicken and potato chowder or gourmet Waldorf chicken salad to sell on Market Wagon’s online platform.

“Market Wagon is just awesome,” Florian said. “It’s not a lot of extra work but it is a lot of extra revenue.”

Florian has also found Market Wagon’s platform helps him develop customer relationships with his Country Grill Chicagoland. He’s able to tell everyone that, rather than monitoring the truck’s location and traveling to it, all the food can be delivered right to them every week without leaving home.

He’s seen a few regulars at the food truck transform into faithful Market Wagon customers. It’s also a great option on the rare occasion when he runs out of a customer favorite at the truck.

“It’s amazing. We are proud to successfully serve Market Wagon,” Florian said. “It’s a win-win situation for everyone.”

He promises that customers will notice the difference that local ingredients make. Florian’s philosophy is that poultry must be as fresh as possible, which is why he only uses Chicago butchers and picks up new product two times a week.

Florian recommends that Market Wagon customers try out his juicy and crispy pulled rotisserie chicken. All of Country Grill Chicagoland’s pulled chicken is removed from the bone and stands as pure poultry heaven. Pair it with well-loved sides like Buffalo chicken salad or Bavarian potato salad for a meal made with old family recipes from Germany.