Bring the farmers’ market to your doorstep with the Market Wagon app - Medina County farm tells success story

Mar 4th, 2022

Running a small family farm isn’t easy. One day you’re dealing with the ram that got out; the next a baby lamb is peeing in your kitchen. 

Selling eggs at your roadside farm stand is easier, until the winter cold starts freezing the product in your egg shack. 

Sarah and Brian Smicklas were juggling all those things at their at their small farm in Medina County’s Sharon Township, selling enough eggs - about 40 dozen a week - to pay for the feed. 

Then they they started selling on Market Wagon. Now their farm — known as 1850 Homestead — is selling four times as many eggs, fresh mayonnaise and pasta, simple syrups and whatever else is in season. [continue reading]