Capital Group's Local Philosophy Meets Healthy Habits

Dec 13th, 2019

Since 1931, Capital Group, home of American Funds, has been focused on delivering results for long-term investors. Today, Capital Group manages more than $1.7 trillion in equity and fixed income assets for millions of individual and institutional investors. Continuing to perform at this level requires that Capital Group be able to attract and retain top talent. We recently sat down with Dianna Nommay from Capital Group's Carmel office to learn how bringing a farmers market to the team there plays a part in their goals.

"Our company has always had a philosophy of supporting the local community," Dianna told us. Although they're a global company, wherever they locate an office around the world, the people in that office are a part of a local community with local identity. Capital Group values that.

But prior to Market Wagon, they hadn't been able to marry that local philosophy with their wellness goals. "We have a pretty robust wellness program, too," Dianna added. "We have always wanted to support healthy habits, and healthy eating."

When presented with the idea that a virtual farmers market, representing local community food producers, could be delivered to the Carmel office, the company jumped at the chance. "Between the philosophy to support local and our goal to support healthy habits, it was pretty important that we provide the option to have that local food," Dianna said plainly.

The logistics and implementation couldn't be easier. Employees shop online throughout the week. Then, Market Wagon delivers orders to Capital Group's Carmel office every Thursday. Market Wagon's fresh produce, eggs, dairy, and other local foods are delivered in insulated totes to keep the food fresh through the end of the workday, when employees can bring the food home with them and avoid an extra stop at the grocery store

"Personally, I use it because I'd love to go to the farmers market every week but having the convenience and time-savings makes it a no-brainer to use Market Wagon at the office." Dianna explained. "I have noticed the rest of our team finds the same value, too. Once people get started, they love it and continue."

Capital Group's online farmers market, as part of a greater wellness program, is just one of the many ways that they make working at Capital Group attractive. With unemployment at record lows, "candidates are looking for wholistic life benefits," Dianna observes. And that's just what Market Wagon brings.