Cattle started this marriage, this family, and Sherman Farms

Apr 6th, 2021

Robert and Ashley Sherman met because of cattle. Now, they are raising their two daughters on a cattle farm. This couple began farming together 10 years ago when they got married and are continuing to grow both their family and their farm at Sherman Farms in Ohio. 

Sherman Farms joined Market Wagon in January 2021 as a way to grow their awareness and sales. With Market Wagon, this young couple has been able to better track inventory and sales to allow for business growth. Since becoming a vendor, Sherman Farms has better balanced their supplies and volume by selling their high-quality products year-round. 

Robert and Ashley’s recommendation to any farmers interested in becoming Market Wagon vendors to be patient with the process. “There certainly is a learning curve that comes with learning how to manage online sales and track inventory, but this learning process is all worth it.” Both their sales and brand awareness have increased since their partnership. 

Another benefit this farm has seen is the ability to see customer ratings and feedback. Unlike a traditional physical farmers market, Market Wagon has allowed customers to review their products on Sherman Farm’s vendor page. This has given new insight to Sherman Farm to know exactly what customers are looking for and enjoying. Their partnership with Market Wagon has also allowed them to see customers returning to buy more which has created an ongoing relationship between customers to begin. 

While all of their products are high quality, pay special attention to their hot dogs and beef bologna. These new products have been selling fast and are highly recommended by Robert and Ashley. 

Robert and Ashley are happy to see their farm growing and hope to someday pass the farm along to their daughters. Be sure to check out Sherman Farm for your next Market Wagon order!