CT Family Farms sees record sales after partnering with Market Wagon

Aug 11th, 2021

CT Family Farms started in 2008 with just 100 acres of land. Since then, the farm has grown to 700 acres and currently has 180 calves along with pigs and chickens. Located in Northern Georgia, CT Family Farms sells to the surrounding area of Chattanooga and West Atlanta. 

CT Family Farms began working as a vendor on Market Wagon in the beginning of 2021 after hearing from other local farmers about the ease Market Wagon offers to vendors. Working on a farm as large as theirs, Michael Crider, his partner, and both of their families love how much time is saved selling through Market Wagon. Being a farmer is a full-time job and traditional farmers markets can gobble up the entire day to sell products, with often mixed results. But by partnering with Market Wagon, they can drop off a confirmed number of orders in the morning and head right back to the farm to get to work. 

Another great perk CT Family Farms has found since becoming a vendor is the customer service control they can have. Market Wagon helps navigate working with customers but still allows vendors to speak directly to shoppers. This offers some assistance with customer service while still keeping it personalized and giving vendors the chance to work with their clients as much as they want. 

Since becoming a vendor on Market Wagon, CT Family Farms has seen their highest weekly sales average and plans to expand their operation to begin selling to East Atlanta soon. 

​CT Family Farms offers a variety of products from fresh eggs to pork chops and sausages. Their specialty, though, is beef. Michael specifically recommends trying out his T-bone steaks if you want to try something from CT Family Farms. He notes that while his prices are similar to a typical retail store such as Whole Foods, the flavor is phenomenally better. That flavor difference all begins back at the farm. All of CT Family Farms’ products are raised all natural with no antibiotics or hormones. 

Check out CT Family Farms today and have farm fresh meat and eggs delivered to you!