Farming brings the Slaughter Family Farm together, thanks to Nana’s lasting influence

Sep 15th, 2021

Justin Slaughter started his career in the insurance industry. While he found success early on, he also came to the realization that he was working 90-hour weeks and feeling the effects of being distant from his family. With a whole new perspective, Slaughter Family Farm was born. 

Market Wagon gives Slaughter Family Farm the chance to find new opportunities to find new customers in new markets and grow the farm. Market Wagon allows Justin to sell his products in both the Lexington and Louisville markets without having to give up all his cherished time with his family.


It started in 2018 from very humble beginnings. Slaughter Family Farm had a small number of chickens and sold primarily to neighbors in Shelby County, Kentucky. However, the farm quickly sold out of its products and needed more animals to fill the high demand for their products.

In order to see the benefit of partnering with Market Wagon, Justin had a baseline amount of profit needed. Not only did he reach this quota, but he surpassed it in his first month. Slaughter Family Farm continues to grow each month, earning almost double from where they started. 

Aside from the extra profit each month, Market Wagon has allowed Justin to be a better father to his three children. He says, “I love agriculture, but I love being a dad more.” With Market Wagon, the family is given more time, flexibility, and options for their farm and for their family. Justin’s two daughters, age 5 and 7, help take care of the animals on the farm giving the family more time together. The family has also found a community through Market Wagon which they see as a huge blessing. 

Justin says his story really begins with his Nana, the woman who helped raise him. She never gave up on him and encouraged him to persevere. Plus, she always knew the exact amount of butter for the best bowl of grits you’ve ever tasted. Her influence lives on, not just with his passion for food but also with the name of Justin’s oldest daughter – Dorothy.

If you want to try some of Slaughter Family Farm’s products, Justin highly recommends starting with their chicken breasts and thighs