Five generations of Gilles keep feeding Kentucky with Hill View Farms

Dec 16th, 2021

Since the late 1800s, generations of Gilles have graced the good soil of Western Kentucky with good agriculture. With both crops and livestock on Hill View Farms, the Gilles family has met the need in their community for more locally grown, high-quality products for more than a century.

Now, thanks to a partnership with Market Wagon, Hill View can reach more people than ever before. It no longer requires a trip to a physical farmers market or the Hill View store just outside Owensboro. Just order online and let the delicious meats come to your door.

Owner Jim Gilles believes accessibility is key when it comes to reaching Hill View Farm’s top customers. He says that customers on Market Wagon have specific Hill View Farm’s products that intrigue them to the Market Wagon site. Instead of merely socializing at local farmers markets, Market Wagon streamlines the process to make transactions easier for customers near and far.

At Hill View Farms you can “Taste the Difference,” not just because it’s carefully grown or raised by the Gilles family, but because their meat products are free of antibiotics with no added hormones. Their angus cattle are bred with the best pedigrees. The cattle are raised on pasture with hay throughout the year to provide a high quality, distinguishable taste.

Hill View Farms has been a partner with Market Wagon since 2017. With more than 170 product offerings, it’s clear the Gilles family believes in quality and quantity. Hill View Farms has since expanded their farm to include pork and chickens. The poultry are rotated through pastures during the spring, summer and fall so they can forage for bugs in addition to daily feed which is provided.

If you check out the vendor profile of Hill View Farms in the Louisville market, you’ll also notice they offer dairy, canned tomatoes, popcorn, bourbon bacon barbecue sauce and other Kentucky classics. It’s all thanks to relationships the Gilles family has made with other small family farms in the area who partner with Hill View to sell on Market Wagon too.

As for Hill View Farms, Jim believes you will taste the difference with his ground beef which is sold in 1-pound packages as well as a box set called the “chuckwagon” which is provides five 1-pound rolls at a discount.

You also cannot go wrong with their delicious bone-in pork chops. They also offer marinated pork chops which are quite popular too.