Flour Your Dreams - What was once a dream is now a reality

Jul 14th, 2021

Flour Your Dreams was originally just that—a dream, specifically a dream for once Tania and Danny retired. However, when the pandemic hit, plans changed, and Tania and Danny took what was once a hobby and turned it into a thriving company. 

The bakery started just over a year ago and began as a way to stay connected during a time of uncertainty. Danny would bake sourdough for his neighbors as a contactless way of community. His neighbors loved it so much that they encouraged him to sell it to others within their community. Eventually, Danny and Tania began selling it and delivering to those in their area. 

The couple found that during the pandemic, those around them started to crave community and wanted more than ever to support local businesses. This opened up an opportunity to begin their business and see it grow with the support of those in the Nashville area.

The bakery was originally developed in the couple’s garage, which was renovated for this new endeavour. Flour Your Dreams also had a delivery option for those in the area and sold at some local farmers markets. Then, the bakery became a vendor on Market Wagon in October 2020. 

While they still participate in traditional farmers markets, they love the benefits Market Wagon has to offer that a traditional market would not. Market Wagon allows the bakery to sell year-round rather than only in certain months. Additionally, Market Wagon’s delivery services make it possible for Flour Your Dreams to reach a much larger audience. 

Since joining Market Wagon and continuing to grow their business, the bakery has moved out of their garage and into a hotel kitchen. Sales continue to grow and Flour Your Dreams is being offered in this hotel’s breakfasts. 

If you are in the Nashville bakery’s selling radius, they are definitely worth trying out. Danny and Tania highly recommend all flavors of their scones, including their Maple Pecan, Honey Butter and more. But, be sure to order fast because these sell out quickly!