For 125 years and counting, Logan Family Farms brings quality to the table

Nov 18th, 2021

Tom and Joann Logan are fourth-generation farmers, raising food on the same land that’s been in their family since 1894. Tom maintains the key to its success is the “good dirt” of the farm, located near Irwin, Pennsylvania, southeast of Pittsburgh.

Although the farm has been passed down from generation to generation, throughout its history, Logan Family Farms has had a little bit of everything - cow milk, beef, eggs and sweet corn. But even as it’s grown and changed, family and good quality at its core.

Now that good quality is available to everyone in Western Pennsylvania thanks the partnership the Logans have with Market Wagon. The platform has been a game changer for the operation because while a journey to a traditional farmers market was a lengthy, day-long process requiring lots of labor, Market Wagon is quick, easy and accessible. This makes business much simpler for the farm and much more convenient for their beloved customers.

Logan Family Farms is already working to continue the legacy for the next generation. All three of Tom and Joann’s children are graduates of the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences and doing their part to keep the family business going.

It was only about a decade ago that Logan Family Farms started going to farmers markets to grow as a business and get their high-quality products out to the public. The first market earned them all of $35. But with hard work, there was steady growth as customers realized how tasty Tom and Joann’s 21-day aged black angus and Berkshire black pork were.

Even though sales were growing, they knew it would not last all year because of the seasonality of physical farmer’s markets. With the help of their son Ben and daughter-in-law Jenn, the Logans began looking into home delivery and online ordering.  While there has been growth, they felt it was not sustainable for long-term growth. Plus, it wouldn’t take long for Ben and Jenn’s three small children to extend the family business to the next generation!

Now, Market Wagon can handle those deliveries year round for the Logans. In addition to the time savings, the partnership with Market Wagon allows for further reach. While previous customers were only local or in areas near the farmer’s markets, Logan Family Farms can now reach every home in a 15-county region spread across Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. Relationships with their customers are important to the Logans, so being able to build a fan base and trust amongst their fans has been a huge advantage, as well.

If you are interested in buying from Logan Family Farms, Tom recommends his tasty lean pot roast or savory stew meat for the winter months, but promises you can’t go wrong with any of the offerings!