From courier to confections: How Market Wagon encouraged Reggie’s Creations to take off

Mar 19th, 2021

The owner of Reggie’s Creations, Reggie D. Green, like many people, was hit hard when the pandemic started. She lost her job of 30+ years working in the food and beverage industry and found herself doing any odd job she could find to support her family. Through a Facebook group, she was in, Reggie found a job as a delivery driver through Market Wagon. After driving for Market Wagon for about a month, she heard that they needed more vendors for their site. Hearing about this inspired Reggie to revive her old confections business and make Reggie’s Creations an official Market Wagon vendor. Her fiance and Market Wagon allowed her to believe in her company again and get it back on its feet. All of her experience working for caterers, country clubs, and professional chefs prepared her to be not just a baker but a chef and scientist to re-invent her business better than ever. 

Reggie started slowly with just her trusty buckeyes and about nine customer orders a week. She has now expanded to butter, sauces, creams, cream cheeses, cordials, pies, cookies, and so much more. Reggie has found incredible success with Market Wagon, as she is now a part of four city markets on the Market Wagon site, averages 180-200 orders a week, and is constantly creating unique new pastries, pies, cookies, and muffins (to name a few). Her favorite part of the food industry is how innovative it is - she loves to take an oddball flavor and make something unique and spectacular with it that her customers may have never tried before. 

Reggie specializes in taking classics and making them something new, like taking a snickerdoodle and using smoked cherry syrup. Running her business through Market Wagon lets Reggie explore her passions, working in a restaurant. 

Nobody ever asked her what she wanted to make, but now she gets to make whatever she is inspired to create. Reggie is currently planning on creating a line of infused honey butter and tropical flavored meringues for the spring. Her spinach and mushroom galettes were a total wild card when she put them on her site, but now they are a top seller.

Reggie never takes any of her success for granted and appreciates every one of her loyal customers that Market Wagon has brought her. Reggie's advice for vendors looking to partner with Market Wagon is to “be ready.” “If you have something that people are wanting, you will sell a lot. Be honest with your consumers, be true to who you are, be unique, and don't be afraid to introduce people to something different because people will buy things you didn't think would sell.” 

With the help of Market Wagon, combined with Reggie’s talent, creativity, and ingenuity and the love and support of those around her, Reggie now has a thriving confections business.