Gridiron stories: 2 football moms meet on the sidelines, 2 Farms Meet begins

Sep 9th, 2021

If you’re looking for Amanda Webb or Katie Crowe on a Friday night during the fall, you better check the football schedule. Because if their hometown Estill County Engineers are playing nearby, the best friends will likely be sitting together in the stands. It makes sense because Friday Night Lights is where their friendship was forged, and their business partnership began.  

“Katie and I are both moms who really want to put our food out there to other families and give them  the confidence that they know where it comes from,” Amanda says.

 Katie and Amanda in the stands

​It all started a few years ago when Amanda and Katie both had sons on the high school football team, and they were both involved in the booster club. As graduation day neared, they decided they didn’t want to quit working together.

So their family farms paired up in 2020 – Katie’s 50+ registered Angus cattle and Amanda’s 45 Angus influence cattle. Hence the name: 2 Farms Meet. In just a year, they’ve already expanded to pork and chicken.

“We want to share the goodness of our farm with your table,” Katie says. “Family is important to us. We want our customers to have a good option for getting local food.”

For Amanda, farming took on new importance in 2013 when her husband suffered a pair of strokes and was forced to retire from his job. He wasn’t even 40 years old at the time.

“He’s lucky to be alive,” Amanda says. “I give God all the glory.” 

Amanda had to phase out of her state job to help her  husband. The cattle farming which had been a hobby now  needed to pay enough bills so they could keep their farm. 

2 Farms Meet partnered with Market Wagon about 6 months ago. They wanted to sell their food outside their immediate area but didn’t have the ability to deliver to customers. Week after week, they notice momentum is building and they’ve seen some big boosts by advertising and packaging some of their products in larger bundles.

They also enjoy that Market Wagon gives them the opportunity to have conversations with their customers. Amanda says, “Having a connection is really good.”

2 Farms Meet continues to give back to their community by providing discounted meat to a  variety of programs including Berea Kids Eat, a local hospital, and, of course, the Estill County High School football team.

Amanda’s son is now in college but still likes to come home to stock up on meat before any big tailgating event or cookout at school. He proudly wears a 2 Farms Meet hat on campus and always tells his friends “if you want a hamburger, you need to get one of my mom’s.” 

You can try one of their delicious ground beef patties by clicking here. Amanda says the breakfast sausage is also a big hit with customers and comes in three varieties: mild, medium and hot

2 Farms Meet is part of the Lexington marketplace which delivers on Tuesdays.

Katie and Amanda in the stands