Home is where the farm is for Hatmaker Homestead

Jan 6th, 2022

For Holli Hatmaker, growing up in the world of agriculture and livestock has always been a part of her life. Along with her husband, Drew Hatmaker, who had extensive experience in gardening, the duo knew they could foster a new way to share their love for farm-fresh produce and poultry. Because of that passion, the Hatmaker’s bought a farm in 2015 within the small town of Paris, Kentucky, to create the legacy of Hatmaker Homestead.

Now, thanks to a partnership with Market Wagon, Hatmaker Homestead is able to connect with a much larger population than they could on their own.

What once started as a dream to grow a few chickens, an occasional sale to friends, and selling excess fruits and vegetables at farmer's markets, has since turned Hatmaker Homestead into a hub for farm-fresh produce and high-quality poultry across the area.

The couple realized the full potential of their farm when the COVID-19 pandemic began in early 2020. The Hatmaker’s knew that the food shortages, along with buyers’ increasing interest in where their food comes from, created the ideal conditions for the Hatmaker’s to serve the community in a new way.

Holli recalls when she set up 40 dozen eggs on her porch and watched as locals came by rapidly to purchase the fresh eggs safely. This experiment confirmed the Hatmaker’s vision and determination to expand their coveted products into new territories with the help of Market Wagon.

Hatmaker Homestead has continued to. With their two boys and a few corgis on the farm, the family produces eggs, pasture-raised poultry, fruits and vegetables (including  hearty winter veggies like butternut squash and potatoes), along with a growing supply of their fresh cut-flower offerings during the warmer months.

By teaming up with Market Wagon, Hatmaker Homestead has a lot more business opportunities beyond their front porch and physical farmers markets in and around Bourbon County, Kentucky.

The Hatmaker’s first heard about Market Wagon when they “saw ads on social media and heard a friend of another local, young family that sells lamb on Market Wagon,” which was enough to convince the Hatmakers of the service's potential. Since then, Hatmaker Homestead has garnered a following on social media who seek out the canned goods, fresh produce, and poultry the farm offers on Market Wagon.

Hatmaker Homestead’s products help elevate any recipes or snack ideas. The Hatmaker’s recommend trying out their highly sought-after tomatoes when they’re in season as well as their zesty bread and butter pickles.