Market Wagon and its vendors prioritize sustainability

Jun 17th, 2021

The Market Wagon team works hard every day to be good stewards for our vendors. But beyond the people we serve, we also work to take care of the environment. Many of the vendors that partner with us use sustainable farming methods, so you can feel good about purchasing from them. Generally, smaller, non-commercial farms use more integrated pest management, organic practices and incorporate cover crops - all concepts that are more sustainable for the environment. 

Supporting your area’s local farmers and artisans through Market Wagon conserves fuel that would be used to ship produce from far away places. Additionally, purchasing from local businesses and vendors aids in conserving land that may otherwise be used for development. This means that not only is the food being purchased likely better quality, but it's better for the environment, too.

Outside of the natural benefits of choosing to shop from small businesses and local farmers, Market Wagon makes conscious, sustainable efforts to go above and beyond for the environment. One Indiana vendor, Metal Honey Foods, spoke about these efforts saying, “One of the best elements of the Market Wagon experience is their sustainability. Drivers collect all reusable containers, from glass milk jugs to egg cartons, and of course the coolers and bags.”

Market Wagon locally delivers its products to customers in an insulated tote(s). If there are products that need to be kept cool, the company utilizes gel ice packs within the tote. Upon the next delivery to each customer, the totes, ice packs and any other reusable containers (ex. Egg cartons, glass milk jugs) are collected for reuse. Twenty-eight percent of waste comes from packaging, so making conscious efforts to reuse materials and choose sustainable containers makes a noticeable difference for the environment.

“If you want to eat more sustainably, from farming methods to reusable containers, you really can’t do any better than Market Wagon,” MetalHoney Foods continues. 

Regardless of how high of a priority sustainability is to you personally, shopping local typically means better quality foods as smaller farms can put in more care to each and every one of their products. ​

Check out which Market Wagon vendors are near you and order today for foods that are better tasting, better quality and better for the environment.

Check our our Facebook Live interview with CEO Nick Carter learning more about Market Wagon's efforts to be sustainable and eco-friendly by clicking here!