Market Wagon delivery platform helps farmers and cooks thrive amid the pandemic

Mar 2nd, 2022

A Facebook ad changed Reggie Turner’s life. 

At the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, she was laid off from her position as a food and beverage manager. She turned to odd jobs, delivering food and even picking up packages and shipping them for people. 

For Turner, like many restaurant workers, the future was daunting. 

“I didn't have that nest egg,” said Turner, 48, of Westerville, who also had experience as a cook. “The industry did not offer vacation pay, holiday pay, benefits, 401(k), none of that. So, when I walked away after 30 years, I had nothing.”

One day, she saw a Facebook post about Market Wagon, a national, online farmer’s market that promised to pay drivers upfront. She signed up, and also worked in the local fulfillment center. When she learned that they needed more vendors, she began selling her homemade buckeye pies and infused butters. [continue reading]