Market Wagon honors military veterans for July 4th

Jun 29th, 2023

With the United States preparing to celebrate its 247th birthday on Tuesday, the team at Market Wagon wants to say a big ‘Thank you’ to all of our partners who have served in all branches of the Armed Forces.

We would like to show our appreciation to all who have risked their lives to fight for our freedom. Please consider showing your support by checking out their products and making some purchases.

In alphabetical order:

  • 2 Men & A Hen’s Ryan Thatcher (West Michigan)
  • Adelaide's Wholesome Baked's Catherine Tews (Southwest Ohio)
  • Allison Centennial Farm's Eric Luttrell (Central Illinois, Central Indiana & Michiana)
  • Artesian Farm’s Keith Kudla (Michiana)
  • Ben The Baker's Ben Neumann (Twin Cities)
  • Bennett Farms’ Tom Bennett (Michiana and West Michigan)
  • Bluebird Meadows Farm's Chris Blankenship (Columbus, Northeast Ohio & Southeast Michigan)
  • Bluegrass Belties Farm and Orchard's James Martin (Southwest Ohio)
  • Bluegrass Blessings Farms & Apiary's Chris Chamberlain (Louisville)
  • Brush Ridge Farm's Nicholas Noble (Columbus)
  • C & J Hay and Cattle's Chad King (Atlanta West)
  • Carroll Creek Farms' Brent Stevens (Southwest Ohio)
  • Cherry Blend Coffee Roasters’s Terry Miller (Northeast Ohio)
  • Commitment Coffee’s Brian Lester (St. Louis)
  • CoveyChase Farm Company (Louisville)
  • Cruze Farm's Earl Cruze (Knoxville)
  • Devil Dawg Farms' Nick Lemley (Chattanooga)
  • Earl B's Catering's Michael Hamilton (Central Indiana)
  • Earth Pros' Jay Martin (Central Indiana, Fort Wayne & Michiana)
  • Eban's Bakehouse's Eric Braddock & Adrienne Novak (Columbus)
  • Farm 2 Face Beauty's Shannon Palmquist (Atlanta East & Atlanta West)
  • Frog Pond Farm & Dairy's David Coakley (Northeast Ohio)
  • Fruit Loops Acres’ Kay Grimm (Central Indiana)
  • Funk Family Farm’s Joel and Gabby Funk (St. Louis)
  • GEM Ridge Farm’s Cory Lambright (West Michigan)
  • Heavenly Acres Farm's Forrest Bopp (Central Indiana Thursday)
  • Heritage Meadows Farm’s Alan McKamey (Central Indiana)
  • Hillside Meadows Farm's George Earls (Southwest Ohio)
  • Hungary Czech's Sarah Hanych (Knoxville)
  • Hungry Seouls Korean Kitchen's Susan Talbott (Maryland)
  • Jim's Amazing Bread's Phil Chalfant (Central Indiana)
  • Legacy Dairy’s Doug Jones (Louisville)
  • Nectar Springs Infused Water’s John Jordan (Southwest Ohio)
  • New World Spice & Tea Traders' Doyle Mullins (Northeast Ohio)
  • Pride Road's Najeeb Muhaimin (Atlanta East & Atlanta West)
  • Ravine's Edge's Carly Gavlak (Northeast Ohio)
  • Redrange Farm (Western Pennsylvania)
  • Rising Moons Farms' Devon Smedley (Knoxville)
  • Savery Farmstead's Megan Savery (Knoxville)
  • Wild Growth Gourmet Mushroom’s Josh McAtee (Central Illinois)

If you are aware of any omissions from this list, please send an email to Market Wagon's Community Relations Manager Dan Klein at