More than 158 million reasons to celebrate this Labor Day

Aug 29th, 2022

For more than 125 years, the United States of America has stopped to recognize the workforce which created this great country. Of course, we’re talking about the Labor Day holiday which is celebrated annually on the first Monday of September.

According to the latest stats from the Census Bureau, this year, there are 158,290,000 reasons (and people) to celebrate. Some of our favorite people in this group are the farmers and small business owners who make up our Market Wagon vendors—more than 1,800 across 20+ states!

For many of these food producers, it’s more than their occupation. It’s their life—and days off are few and far between. After all, cows, pigs and chicken don’t keep a calendar or take a vacation!

That means 365 days a year, even this Monday, they will be getting up before dawn to make sure America continues to have the food it needs each and every day—including the burgers, brats and beans that make Labor Day a fun celebration. And if you like your milk, remember that’s a twice-a-day responsibility!

Of course there’s other hardworking producers of Local Food too—what would a holiday be without fresh produce like corn on the cob? And there’s a reason the phrase is ‘as American as apple pie!’

So, this holiday weekend, however and whenever you celebrate, do your part to support your local farmer and Local Food. Remember, behind the name of your favorite farm or small business on Market Wagon, there’s a hardworking producer with a story and a dream of providing for their family!