Nap-N-Hill Farm adds quality beef to Madison market perfect for a Wisconsin winter

Nov 22nd, 2021

Donuts and beef go together, right? Well they do at Nap-N-Hill Farm! Ever since owners Amanda and Scott Wethal joined with Market Wagon in June 2021, they’ve made donuts a part of their weekly trips to drop off their orders at the distribution hub. With three kids together, leveraging a glazed donut is another great way to involve the entire family in farm-to-table life.

Nap-N-Hill Farm became a collective goal for Scott and Amanda. They both grew up in the dairy farm industry helping to milk and feed cows and calves, as well as harvest hay and corn. Scott helped run a dairy farm beginning in 2001, but in 2008 decided to purchase a farm of his own. Like a match made in heaven, Amanda also felt called to restart her past in working with calves, and eventually met Scott.

Despite initial challenges in the dairy industry and a barn fire (with no animal losses), Nap-N-Hill farms has found new success in its collaboration with Market Wagon resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Throughout the pandemic, customer demand for Nap-N-Hill’s beef quarters and halves has turned into becoming some of the top sellers in the Madison market. All of Nap-N-Hill’s products are supplied and processed within 10 miles of the farm in Stoughton, reflecting the farm’s commitment to supporting local businesses.

While Amanda was wary of Market Wagon in the beginning, the partnership has surprised Nap-N-Hill Farm’s ability to sell out its products with added flexibility and no fees. With the reduction of in-person farmers markets over the past year, Market Wagon has helped Nap-N-Hill save time from sitting for hours at events, to dropping off and fulfilling orders on their own time. When asked what advice she had for future farmers interested in working with Market Wagon, Amanda says “we were hesitant to join Market Wagon, but it is worth a try to have the freedom to sell your products without being stuck with a contractor deal.”

As winter weather begins in earnest, Scott and Amanda recommend a hearty beef roast to celebrate the holiday season. Using Nap-N-Hill’s beef fed with a mix of grass and corn, the result is a well-marbled product that is offered in a variety of options for families of all sizes.

Outside of their classic roast recipes, check out Nap-N-Hill Farm’s other offerings such as New York strip steaks, beef short ribs, and the highly acclaimed ground beef. Amanda recalls one of her customers describing their ground beef as tasting too good to use in recipes; the full flavor needs to be tasted on its own because of Nap-N-Hill Farm’s high quality.