Adding Items to my Order Posted on 23 Jan 08:43

Already ordered for the week, and something new catches your eye?  Not a problem.  You can add items to your order at any time before the ordering deadline without incurring a second delivery fee.

  1. Make sure you're logged-in BEFORE reaching checkout.
    You must be logged in (click the "account" icon next to your cart) before beginning your add-on order.  This allows our system to detect that you do, in fact, already have an order in the queue.
  2. Select "Yes, add this order." at checkout.
    If you're logged in when you click "Check Out" from your cart, before you're presented with the delivery options, you'll be presented with a screen that looks like the image above.  Click the "yes" button, and that's it. 

It's that simple.  Log in.  Check out.  And you can add items to your order all week long right up until the deadline.