One America Brings a Farmers Market Experience to the Office

Nov 26th, 2019

OneAmerica is one of the fastest growing mutual insurance holding companies in the industry. A key to their success is the ability to attract and retain talented people to their company. That means, they have to prioritize their clients, policyholders, AND their employees.

Nearly nine years ago, OneAmerica established a Wellness Program. The goal was to promote a holistic approach to health—one that meets OneAmerica's associates and their families where they are in their journey to good health and wellbeing. According to Stephanie Kaiser, the Wellness Program coordinator, the program's goal is to "create a lasting culture that encourages health and wellness both at work and at home which will create a meaningful experience for associates."

What better way to focus on culture and experiences than engaging associates' food purchasing in a farmers-market experience? In 2018, OneAmerica decided to incorporate Market Wagon's online farmers market as part of their wellness program. "Market Wagon presented us with a great opportunity to improve the access of local healthy foods for our associates, and the delivery saves us time," Stephanie explains.

The logistics and implementation were simple. Associates shop online throughout the week. Then, Market Wagon delivers orders to OneAmerica's office every Thursday. Market Wagon's fresh produce is delivered in insulated totes to keep food fresh through the end of the workday, when associates can bring the food home with them and avoid an extra stop at the grocery store.

"Thursday as a great delivery time for me," Stephanie commented, "because I normally run out of produce by that day in the week." She explained how her co-associates also benefit from the various options that Market Wagon provides year-round—especially those with food allergies. Market Wagon's local vendors have a wide selection of allergen-friendly creations like gluten-free breads.

Nearly two years into the program, it remains a popular perk for OneAmerica associates. "Market Wagon has been a willing partner throughout our relationship," Stephanie says. "They have provided lunch and learns and attended benefits fairs in partnership with our larger health and wellness efforts."

Thank you to Stephanie and the OneAmerica Wellness Program for partnering with Market Wagon and providing a program for people to focus on healthy living and local food!