Quick, delicious local meals for when life gets busy

Jul 22nd, 2021

Summer days getting shorter and August getting closer can only mean one thing — back-to-school season is upon us. While back-to-school is a fun and exciting time, it’s also a busy one. Finding time to prepare nutritious (and delicious) meals can be tough, so Market Wagon has pulled together some ideas to help make mealtime simpler for families. 

Have a Meal Ready and Waiting | Slow Cooker Bundle

For an easy option of popping some ingredients in a slow cooker and leaving it to simmer  while you go about your day, check out our Slow Cooker bundle. All of the ingredients for a delicious, warm meal are delivered to you, and all you have to do is toss it in the slow cooker and enjoy. This bundle combines ingredients from several local farmers and artisans so you can feel good about what you’re eating. Ingredients change based on the season and what vendors are providing, so each week you have the opportunity to enjoy something new!

Quick and Easy Dinners | Ready-Made-Meals

Not wanting to cook at all? Head on over to our ready-made-meals provided by some of our fantastic local vendors. Already prepared, all you have to do is heat these delectable, homemade meals up and dinner is served. These meals are perfect for a busy schedule and since there are a multitude of options, you can always find the perfect meals for your home. Whether an entrée, side, snack or appetizer — there’s something for everyone. 

Nutritious and Delicious Options | Local Fruits and Vegetables

When packing school lunches (or a lunch to take to work), Market Wagon also has a plethora of locally-sourced ingredients to prepare a healthy lunch that every kid will enjoy (and parents will appreciate). A bento box is a perfect option for children’s lunches, as it has many compartments to create a balanced, well-rounded meal. One section could have your child’s favorite fruit or vegetable grown on a local farm. Another section may have a sandwich made on some homemade bread and fresh jam. Or, a ready-made-meal that doesn’t need to be reheated like a locally-prepared salad. Finally, the best part of a balanced meal — dessert! Pop a homemade treat in your kid's lunch for a sweet surprise to top off lunch. 

Even if you aren’t a parent and back-to-school season doesn’t affect you, life gets crazy and sometimes we could all use a break from the cooking or decision making when it comes to meals. Having easy options that are full of fresh, local ingredients and taste delicious can be a lifesaver when schedules get crazy. Try out one of these easy options today!