Taste the difference after health issues prompt first-generation farmer to begin Marble Creek Farmstead

Oct 14th, 2021

Matthew Lawrence got into agriculture because he wanted to make a difference. After dealing with health issues caused by unsustainable commercial farming, Matthew began producing his own products in 2011. He then got married, and he and his wife established Marble Creek Farmstead in 2014. They now have three children to help out with chores too.

Matthew likes partnering with Market Wagon because it helps him attract new customers across Birmingham or even as far away at Cullman or Tuscaloosa without having to make the 90-minute drive himself.

A data scientist by trade, Matthew is a first-generation farmer. He got into the business because he had difficulty finding exactly what he wanted from other farms. His solution was to simply start his own. He learned by studying other farms and reading all that he could about the industry. At the core of his farming, Matthew wanted dependable, healthy farming tactics to produce only the freshest, tastiest products.

Marble Creek Farmstead’s approach to farming starts with building the soil using regenerative techniques. The farm raises all of its animals to be healthy and uses rotational grazing to mimic nature and make sure the land stays healthy too. Matthew demands a natural approach, never using any additives or GMOs. This healthy way of farming causes a noticeable better taste in Marble Creek’s products. Unlike commercial farms that twist words to make products seem better, Matthew promises that Marble Creek is true to their word and always sustainable.

But that’s not all. Marble Creek is also one of the only farms left in the country with a USDA-inspected slaughterhouse on site. Matthew and his team built it in 2018. They are your trusted farmer and butcher all in one.

The name Marble Creek Farmstead is a merging of several key parts which make up their home, which includes a 1930s farmhouse which Matthew renovated a few years back. It combines Sylacauga’s “Marble City” nickname with Shirtee Creek which makes up the back property line to Matthew’s 40 acres. It’s also a great place to wade when the weather is nice. Matthew and his wife Jesie chose “Farmstead” as a combination of farm and homestead and a reflection of his promise to grow wholesome food that his family will enjoy and can share with others.

While everything from Marble Creek Farmstead offered to the Birmingham market is delicious on Market Wagon, if you want to try one of their products, Matthew highly recommends the amazing pork chops which are a best-seller as well as the boneless chicken breasts. They also offer pasture-raised chicken eggs.