Two Creek Farms: 22-year-old entrepreneur creates instant favorite

Mar 1st, 2023

It’s not every 22-year-old who has 22 employees and oversees revenue growth of almost 300%. But then again, not every 22-year-old entrepreneur is Justin Miklaszewski. What started with a simple Facebook post when he was still in high school has become a successful operation known as Two Creek Farms.

By partnering with Market Wagon, Justin gets a consistent revenue stream from customers who may never visit his storefront in Union Grove, just a few minutes south of Milwaukee. Market Wagon also helps provide greater name recognition to a business which was only established three years ago.

It all began when Justin was 16 years old with dreams of having his own prizewinning show cattle business—selling registered Hereford calves to families who raise the animal in showing competitions at county and state fairs. But, by chance, when he posted on social media asking if anyone would be interested in buying beef, he was overwhelmed with interest—more than 250 comments in a single hour.

That’s when he discovered a real need and interest in his community for Local Food. Things quickly grew from there, with revenue increasing almost 300% increase year-over-year.

“It’s astronomically insane,” Justin said. “I laugh inside when people ask. There’s no way I could keep up with it all myself. I treat everyone who works for Two Creek Farms like family, not employees.”

Justin started by attending physical farmers markets in 2018, primarily to advertise his show calves. The next year, Two Creek Farms was at six weekly farmers markets. In 2020, he doubled that and went to a dozen weekly markets, quickly requiring additional manpower.

The farm joined Market Wagon in the fall of 2020. He has found the online farmers market to be a great way to market his burgers as well as beef tenderloins to customers who may never attend a physical farmers market. Market Wagon has proven to be a been a steady source of sales every week. Best of all, it only takes a single delivery.

Two Creek Farms gets its name from the two creeks which are on the Miklaszewski homestead. While the full herd has gotten so large that the entire operation no longer fits on the family’s 20 acres, all beef is raised within a 20-minute drive.

Animals are raised with organic methods—grass-fed and raised on a pasture. Cattle and hogs are finished with grain which is grown and ground within minutes of the farm. Justin says while he could get an organic label from the USDA, it’s just too expensive.

Justin says his success wouldn’t be possible without the support of his family helping and encouraging his entrepreneurial spirit every step of the way, including buying more land to add to the family farm when the opportunity became available.

If running Two Creeks wasn’t enough, Justin just finished a four-year degree in business and business management from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater this summer.

Meanwhile, even as the popularity of the meat from Two Creek continues to grow, Justin is still a registered breeder of Hereford show cattle. He says they did exceptionally well in both the county and state fair circuit this year, but knows it will take 20 more years or more to fully build that side of the business.

As for the items offered on Market Wagon, Justin says the number one seller for Two Creek Farms is the ribeye steaks. They are freshly cut from purebred Black Angus steers every week and great for grilling.

Justin’s favorite product of all is the precooked BBQ pulled pork. Just thaw and slowly heat in a crockpot for a perfect meal for your family or when you have guests over. He promises the flavor is “unreal.”

He also recommends the jalapeno cheddar beef sticks as well as the pineapple brat. All flavors were created by the Justin and the team at Two Creek Farms. The operation also has a line of seasonings and sauces so you can flavor your own meats to taste too.