Vindicator Brand’s roots and revenue continue to grow for Peter and Susan Jones

Sep 17th, 2021

Around five years ago, Peter and Susan Jones decided that the corporate world was no longer for them. Peter had previous experience working on a dairy farm as a teenager, so the couple decided to dig back into those roots and they started raising cattle. Initially starting out small, they eventually made their way to owning a full-fledged cattle farm. 

For more than a year, Market Wagon has helped make the operation a success by giving the Joneses a market presence in places they couldn’t afford to get to on their own and to customers who otherwise never have heard about Vindicator Brand.

Susan and Peter founded Vindicator Brand promising to be ecologically responsible by always using humane practices when raising their cattle and that promise still holds true today. They also partner with a local butcher to process all of their meat to ensure that it’s of the best quality possible for their loyal customers.

Vindicator Brand began partnering with Market Wagon in September 2020 after hearing about the success of other nearby vendors at a local farmers market. Heavily relying on these physical farmer's markets to sell their meat was not ideal because these markets only last around three months out of a year and are dependent on weather and other outside factors, such as sporting events. Now, successfully selling in five Market Wagons markets, Peter and Susan no longer have to worry about making the hour-plus trek to the physical farmers market each weekend or if their products will go to waste. 

Vindicator offers a variety of high-quality products. The Joneses highly recommend their chicken chorizo and their ground lamb gyro meat. And don’t forget about their tasty ground sirloin! The sirloin is 90% lean and none of their meats ever contain any additives. When asked what advice they would give to new vendors, Peter and Susan highly encourage fellow vendors to “be ready.” They recommend providing a large range of products because “trust us, they will sell fast.” 

Market Wagon has helped Peter and Susan gain hundreds of new loyal customers for Vindicator Brand. Susan said, “social media is great but you can only have so many followers. You need a partnership with Market Wagon to reach your true potential.”

Vindicator Brand serves customers in five Market Wagon marketplaces: Chicago Lakeshore, Northern Illinois, Eastern Iowa, Madison and Southeast Wisconsin.