Waseda Farms keeps growing and giving back (organically) to the Wisconsin farming community

Sep 21st, 2021

Waseda Farms began as a passion project of Matt Lutsey’s father Tom. After doctors told Tom to cut back on red meat, he responded, “what if I ate better red meat instead?” This was the beginning of the Waseda Farms their customers know and love today.

Now, thanks to Market Wagon, customers all over Northeast Wisconsin can taste the end result of that passion project.


Owning one cow turned into owning three cows, which turned into owning 20. It was at that time, in 2008, that the Lutseys decided it was time to start Waseda as a business and not just a farm for their own benefit. Shortly after the farm began, a store was opened on their land to sell product and meat. 

Waseda Farms is located in Baileys Harbor in Door County, Wisconsin. While scenic and perfect for visitors, this area didn’t make starting a farm easy. “Rocks are our best crop,” Matt jokes.  Waseda Farms took a lot of time working the soil to become the thriving farm it is today. The farm operates on rotational grazing to take care of their grass-fed, certified organic cattle. 

While a lot of work is put into Waseda Farms, the Luskeys also value giving back to the Wisconsin farming community they love. The Thomas H. Lutsey-Waseda Farms Scholarship was created for rural  Wisconsin students pursuing a career in agriculture. This scholarship has awarded more than $900,000 to students over the years.


Waseda Farms became a Market Wagon vendor in the Northeast Wisconsin marketplace early on after seeing it advertised on social media and has loved growing their audience because of it. “We offer certified, organic, grass-fed options. With Market Wagon we get distribution further and further out. It's a chance for people to eat locally produced, grass fed, humanely made products,” Matt said. If you want to try something from Waseda Farms, start with their bacon or their boneless ribeye steak - it’s the perfect blend of marbling and tenderness.