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Latrobe, pa


We marvel at the amazing, unpredictable, magical thing that is nature. Its riches, surprises and struggles. We don’t just respect nature, we’re driven by it. That's why at Nature's Grove Farm, we work within the rules of Nature and biomimic patterns we see in the natural world to bring our community great tasting and clean, healthy food! All this is done in an regenerative ecosystem here on the farm. We are known most for our pasture raised chicken. Our chickens are raised in a manner that are consistent with their natural instincts and diet. Just one taste and you'll see why many say it's "the best chicken I ever ate!" We also extend this model to other aspects of our farm such as, Pasture Raised Turkeys, A Market Garden, Pasture Raised Rabbits and Pasture Raised Lamb. We also offer a line of healthy desserts called "One Smart Cookie" which uses the bounties of our farm and other local farms to create tasty and healthy desserts using organic and local ingredients. We don't just settle for the bare minimum of organic standards; we far exceed those standards and go "Beyond Organic!"





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November 1st, 2021 person_outline Shelby Shultz

November 10th, 2021

Our pasture raised lamb is back in stock just in time for the holidays! Get yourself an amazing leg of lamb for your family gathering!

October 17th, 2021

NEW!!! Organic Daikon Radish. Non-GMO, no chemicals ever, loaded with health benefits and packed with flavor!

October 17th, 2021

SALE! Pasture Raised Whole Chickens that exceed organic standards are now 10%. Today only! See why many say it's "The Best Chicken Ever!"

September 9th, 2021

NEW! Sweet Heat Chicken Chili! Layers of flavors excite your taste buds in waves! First a sweetness, then spicy mixed with a savory finish!

September 2nd, 2021

New, Organic & Hearty! Harvest Chicken Soup! Eat healthy, support our regenerative farm & enjoy the rich flavors in this delicious soup!

August 22nd, 2021

Make great soup stock or bone broth with our pasture raised chicken soup bones! Now 25% OFF!!!! Very tasty and very healthy!

August 22nd, 2021

Don't forget out 10% off sale ends today! Get any of our pasture raised chicken breasts that are over 1.3LBS for 10%

August 7th, 2021

SALE! Organic, pasture raised, boneless chicken breast is not 15% off! Many have said this is the best chicken they have ever had!

August 1st, 2021

New!!! Pasture Raised Chicken Drumsticks that exceed organic standards! Very flavorful, even without seasoning.

August 1st, 2021

NEW! Cherry Tomatoes! Organic, Non GMO, Never sprayed and LOADED with flavor!

August 1st, 2021

SALE!!! Pasture Raised Chicken Breast that exceeds organic standards now 10% off today on X-Large and XX-Large packs.

July 28th, 2021

Every Wednesday we process FRESH, Pasture Raised Chicken that far exceeds organic standards. Have you tasted the difference yet?!

July 7th, 2021

Ground Pasture Raised Chicken bursting with flavor! Make chicken burgers, tacos, meatballs, meat sauces and more with our ground chicken!

July 4th, 2021

"The best chicken we ever had!" Words we commonly hear. It truly is different and a flavor so rich, you don't even need to season it!

July 2nd, 2021

The best treats for man's best friend; dehydrated chicken feet! Made from our beyond organic pasture raised chicken.

June 20th, 2021

SALE!!! - $15 off our XXL Pasture Raised Leg of Lamb. Great roast for hosting a dinner or multiple meals for an entire family from one leg!

June 20th, 2021

Did you know, choosing this chicken supports a system that cleans the carbon emissions from your drive to work? That's regenerative farming!

June 20th, 2021

Our goal is to produce food that we feel good about feeding to ourselves & grown in alignment to nature's brilliance.

June 20th, 2021

1 Leg of lamb can feed an entire family multiple meals. Cook up the roast for a dinner. Day 2, grind the leftovers for Shepard's pie!

June 20th, 2021

Almost every week at the farmers markets we hear, "That was the best chicken I ever ate!" See why so many say that after trying our chicken!