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Mezes Foods Llc

Grape leaves with rice (7)

Entrees, Sides, & Soups:

Tender leaves wrapped a lightly seasoned rice with a hint of lemon great snack to sink your hummus in USA

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Q: Are these gluten and dairy free?

A: 'Yes!'

December 22nd, 2021 person_outline Ashley H.
Q: How do I prepare these to eat?

A: 'You can eat them hot or cold I prefer cold '

November 10th, 2021 person_outline Andrea S.
Q: I'd like to know why you keep advertising these as "for sale", when you end up NOT including them for delivery! I"ve ordered these TWICE... and both times, neither were in my delivery. Yet these are "trending" as if available...

A: 'My bad I’ve been getting crushed with this item and running out...I have ample supply to make them so I should be ready. The farmers markets are over so I should be able to plan accordingly '

January 20th, 2022 person_outline Janet B.
star star star star star

format_quoteI have been ordering these for over a month, and they vary in size, shape and quantity, but I always feel like I am getting my money's worth! They're flavorful, delicious, and I love having them on hand every week for a healthy in-between meal snack, or to round out a balanced lunch plate. format_quote

December 22nd, 2021 person_outline Bethany B.
star star star star star

format_quoteMost delicious, creamy, rice-stuffed grape leaves I've ever had! Vegan hubby approves, too.format_quote

November 10th, 2021 person_outline Janet B.
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