Get Involved

Can you join our mission? We are always looking for passionate and talented people to become ambassadors for local food in local communities.

Host a Pickup Location

Invite your community to share a pickup location—at work, at home, at the gym, at a shop, at a place of worship, at a school, etc. Wherever community exists. There are no costs or fees to join and all materials are provided.  You get the satisfaction of helping with our local food mission, and participants get healthy food, free delivery, and other benefits. All you need to do is be an ambassador for local food.  Want to learn more?  Contact us to let us know where you're located.

Wellness Programs

Are you an HR professional or wellness program facilitator?  Encourage your company's employees to buy direct from local farms and artisans. Let us handle all the logistics while you build health and community at your office.  Participants get healthy food, free delivery, and other benefits.  You'll get an exclusive benefit for employees at zero cost to the employer with no long-term contracts, and a turn-key program that you can execute today. Want to learn more?  Contact us to let us know where you're located.


Market Wagon is a generous supporter of local non-profits and schools through our silent auction donation program.  We provide valuable gift certificates for high-quality local food and it helps us to get the word out about our store.  Also, we offer discount cards that can be sold as part of school fundraising programs, generating significant fundraising dollars while promoting local food availability in the community.  Contact us if either of these opportunities applies to you.

Want to start a market in your community?

Local markets are a vital partner in our local food mission.  Market Wagon is continuously developing state-of-the art online ordering, fulfillment, and logistics technology combined with proven marketing and promotion strategy to help you succeed with your regional food hub.  We'd love to talk.  Contact us and let's start a conversation about building a successful online farmers in your area.