Market Wagon - About Us

Our Mission is to enable food producers to thrive in their local and regional markets.

From the grocery aisles to the industrial farms that fill them, the business of food is on the brink of soullessness—dehumanized by the reduction of our food that erodes the relationship between the consumers and farmers, as well as the farmers and the earth.

Market Wagon's operations began in 2016 with one market in the Indianapolis area called  In 2017, the company acquired an Evansville-area food hub with a similar business model and re-launched that as

Our Team:

Nick Carter, Co-Founder & CEO
Nick left the family farm ten years ago to pursue a career in business. Over the course of that decade, he launched several successful software startups. But, as they say, you can take the boy out of the country, but nothing took the country out of Nick. Today, his path in business has led him right back to the farm, but in a different capacity. Nick is innovating the local food industry through creating deeper market penetration and distribution channels in the consumer food supply.


Dan Brunner, Co-Founder & COO
Dan is an experienced entrepreneur with a background in software, logistics, and order fulfillment. Between his engineering degree and his MBA, Dan brings a trained and analytical eye to the business and distribution operations at MarketWagon.  Dan helps us to create innovative and cost-effective solutions to local food sourcing and distribution challenges.



Ryan Thomas, Director of Operations
Ryan is a self-declared foodie. An avid shopper at local farmers markets, his love of local food began on his grandfather's farm. After college, Ryan began a restaurant career where he became general manager at Chipotle, his first foray into responsible sourcing. Today, Ryan leads the Market Wagon initiatives to launch local online markets by recruiting, training, and supporting local market managers and delivery hosts. He's also actively involved in managing the day-to-day operations of our flagship market, the Central Indiana hub, and interacts with customers daily on social media.



Travis Summitt, Community Wellness & Outreach Program Manager
Travis has spent most of his career embracing the mission of supporting local farmers/artisans and changing the way people view and shop for the food they eat. After receiving a degree in nutrition and business at Hanover College, during which he conducted an independent case study looking at the impacts of saturated fat on his cholesterol (think "Super-Size Me" style), he's changed the way he sees food. He is motivated to encourage people to eat healthier, focus on buying "real" food, and understand where their food comes from and how it impacts the community around them. Travis leads the corporate sales division of the company and contributes to the overall marketing strategy for Market Wagon.