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FreshORR Family Farms


Eggs: Free Range, Non-GMO Feed, Pastured

This is the freshest it gets! Our hens roam on pasture with access to grasses, bugs, seeds and non-GMO chicken feed (no drugs, or antibiotics fed on our farm). Buttery, vibrant yellow-orange yolks; you can absolutely taste and see the difference from the conventional eggs at the store. Whether you’re scrambling for a quick breakfast to fuel your day or making hard boiled eggs for a quick Paleo snack, pastured eggs are one God’s perfect foods. Packed with nutrition, these pastured eggs with golden yolks are the best way to nourish your family. Our littlest FarmORR's tend to the hens, collect their eggs and help pack your egg orders. Every time you purchase our eggs, not only do you put a little cash in their pockets, you also put a huge smile on their face. USA / OHIO / PERRY County

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format_quoteThese are the best eggs! The flavor is exceptional, and at one point the family included a delicious quiche recipe, which I have made a number of times. format_quote

July 23rd, 2020 person_outline Anita H.