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Gossert’s Homemade Goodness

1/4lb Homemade Puppy Chow

Sweets & Chocolate: Christmas, Gift, Chocolate

Our homemade puppy chow is a hard to resist combination of chocolate and peanut butter coating a rice cereal and dusted with powdered sugar. It is a Gossert favorite that is requested at all the family get togethers! Our 1/4lb container technically had 2 servings in it, but it’s just so good that it honestly speaking could all be eaten in one serving 🙂. Check out the pictures for more information on the ingredient label!USA / Pennsylvania / Lebanon County

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  • South-Central-PA
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    format_quoteAbsolutely perfect! I sat down and opened 1 of my 2 that I ordered when they arrived. Figuring I'd eat a few... But instead, ended up eating the whole container lol! I love them and yes I can make them at home but it's just less messy if I can order some from you on here too! They tasted very fresh and every single piece was evenly coated. format_quote

    November 15th, 2021 person_outline Brandy O. View Reply
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