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AW Gourmet Dog Treats

A Lotta Bit of Everything

Pet Food & Supplies:

16 Small Treat we offer (that's all the Treats, Muffins and Scoops we make) 4 Bones (that's all the bones) 1 Bag of Mini'Scoops (apx 10-12) Shepherds Pie Kibble Mixer Chicken Casserole Kibble Mixer Treats are to be stored in the fridge for up to 2 weeks or 6 months in the freezer.USA / Indiana / Hamilton County

Sorry, this product is unavailable in your local market at this time. It is available in the following markets:
  • Evansville
  • Michiana
  • IND-Thursday
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    Q: What is the difference between this one ad the little bit of everything.

    A: Hello, Thank you for writing us with your question. The A Lotta Bit of Everything will include Mini Scoops and 2 Kibble Mixers, 4 Bones, and 16 Treats. A Lotta gives you one of every treat. This is the best deal if you have never tried all of our products. A little Bit of Everything has 16 treats and 4 bones. Both are great packs! Thanks So Much!!! Will Griffin

    July 11th, 2020 person_outline MJ B.
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