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Bauman's Cedar Valley Farm

Bacon-Cheddar Beef Burgers: 100% Grassfed, Dry-Aged

Butcher Shop: 100% Grass Fed, Bacon, Beef, Ground, Ketogenic, Pasture Raised

Bauman’s Bacon-Cheddar Beef Burgers are made from 100% Kansas-raised grassfed and finished beef. The best of best! A description is completely unnecessary as the name says it all, but here are the mouth-watering facts of the most famous Bauman Burger: savory dry-aged grassfed beef blended with our own hickory-smoked bacon ( nitrate free!) And chunks of high temp cheddar! This cheese holds its own, it won’t disappear unto the meat or run out on the grill like shredded cheese. Did you know that ALL Bauman’s Authentic Beef is dry-aged for 10+ days? Yes, even these burgers! Beef Burgers are packaged with four, 1/3 pound patties. Each patty is 4.5 inches wide and .5 inch thick. We make our burgers with a 90/10 mixture to ensure minimal shrinkage when cooking.USA / Kansas / Anderson County

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  • Kansas-City
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