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Miller Family Homestead

Beef Tenderloin (Filet Mignon)

Butcher Shop: Beef, Hormone & Antibiotic Free, Steak

Our Iowa Beef is raised with no artificial hormones or implants. The cattle are fed a balanced diet that includes non-GMO grain and hay raised on our farm. Antibiotics are used only as needed for management of disease, and not within in at least 6 months prior to slaughter.USA / Iowa / Johnson County

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  • Eastern-Iowa
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    Q: How long can this be frozen? Does this come frozen?

    A: ''Hi! Yes, the beef comes frozen. According to the USDA page on food safety, food frozen at 0*F or below is indefinitely safe, though it can lose quality and taste. If your freezer is self-defrosting, that also compromises the ability to maintain quality over time. Our butcher wraps our beef in quality butcher paper, with a plastic inner wrap, that holds the quality for a very long time. We recommend using within one year of the pack date, but for our personal use, we use well beyond that without issue. '

    July 28th, 2021 person_outline Jennifer G.
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    format_quoteMy wife isn't really a meat eater, but this meat is so tender she'll eat a whole steak cut off the loin.format_quote

    July 28th, 2021 person_outline Scott D. View Reply
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