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Haven Herbs

Berry Blast Elixir - Herbal Immune Support

Health & Wellness:

Elderberry works better than Tamiflu at reducing the severity and duration of influenza type viruses. Thyme kills more viruses and bacteria than bleach in lab studies. And Aronia berry is high in vitamin C, which is essential for a healthy immune system. Put all three together, and well- you have Berry Blast! This product can be taken as a remedy or a tonic. For read more on tonic herbalism, check out our blog. CHECK OUT OUR FALL WELLNESS BUNDLE! It has an 8 oz Fire Cider & 8 oz Berry Blast to keep your immune system humming nicely.USA / Ohio / Franklin County

Water, Alcohol (GF), Elderberries*, Thyme*, Aronia* berries, Raw local honey* (*organic).

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  • CBUS-Thurs
  • CBUS-Tues
  • Northeast-Ohio
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    format_quoteGreat for that little tickle in your throat!format_quote

    May 13th, 2021 person_outline Mary W.
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    format_quoteVery wonderful blend! Tastes great also! format_quote

    February 6th, 2021 person_outline Kelli K.