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Fresh Blue Oyster Mushrooms 4oz

Fruits & Vegetables: Fresh, Mushrooms, No Herbicide, No Pesticide, No Synthetic Fertilizer, Non-GMO, Organic

Blue Oyster Mushrooms have a versatile, mild mushroom flavor that can be added to any dish. The texture remains when added to soups and stews. These pair great with eggs for an amazing, healthy, easy breakfast. Our mushrooms are grown indoors so there is no need for pesticides or chemicals. We use an organic process during the growing of all our mushrooms. Your order will only include the edible parts. No stem or spines. USA

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  • Michiana
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    format_quoteFresh, large, and very tasty. And good value for the price!format_quote

    May 18th, 2020 person_outline Drew D.
    star star star star star

    format_quoteDelicious (and pretty to look at). Really enjoyed these format_quote

    January 2nd, 2020 person_outline Rebekah G.
    star star star star star

    format_quoteAgree with all previous comments! format_quote

    August 17th, 2019 person_outline Christy F.
    star star star star star

    format_quoteReally enjoyed these. format_quote

    February 18th, 2019 person_outline Matt M
    star star star star star

    format_quoteVery nice mild flavor and large amount. Kept well. No need to clean off before using. Definitely recommend!format_quote

    January 29th, 2019 person_outline Beth
    star star star star star

    format_quoteBeautiful mushrooms. So nice to buy mushrooms without all the growing medium bits on them. format_quote

    December 16th, 2018 person_outline Michele
    star star star star star

    format_quoteExcellent flavor, keeps well. Really like the cardboard packaging. Try them!format_quote

    November 16th, 2018 person_outline Don Wheeler