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Haven Herbs

Boo Boo Balm - healing salve

Health & Wellness:

Use Boo Boo Balm as a healing salve for those scraps and minor every day cuts. The herbs and essential oils used kill bacteria, viruses, fungus, and yeast without antibacterial chemicals. This is an effective way to prevent infection that not only does not contribute to antibiotic resistant diseases, it is petroleum free as well! How to Use: This is a salve is ideal to use in place of an antibiotic ointment. Kids love it's "magic properties" You can use it on cuts and scrapes as well as burns and blisters. Until a scab forms, please keep your wound covered. After the scab forms, you can continue using Boo Boo Balm to soften the scab and keep it from coming off before it's ready. Boo Boo Balm comes in half ounce paperboard sticks for ease of application.USA / Ohio / Franklin County

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Raw Coconut Oil, Beeswax*, Vitamin E Oil*, Oregon Grape Root*, Goldenseal Root*, Thyme*, Essential Oils of Tea Tree*, Myrrh*, and Thyme* (*indicates organic)

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  • Northeast-Ohio
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