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Haven Herbs

Essential Oil Pack: Dream & Medieval Thieves

Health & Wellness: Essential Oil, Organic

Get the power of our two most popular blends. Dream to help you sleep and Medieval Thieves to keep away the boggy men (germs). Buy together and save some $ This is the unadulterated (not pre-diluted, like our roll ons) blend, perfect for diffusing and adding to recipes. As we hope you know, using essential oils topically without diluting first is a no-no. This blend is for using in a diffuser or diluting yourself in topical applications. Essential oils only dilute well in lipids (like olive oil) or ethanol (like vodka), not water or other liquids. The Medieval Thieves blend is NOT safe for use on or around children under the age of ten. Haven EO diffuser blends come packaged in 5 ml amber bottles with built-in dropper.USA / Ohio / Franklin County

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