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Giardina Farms

Grade 'A' OHIO Maple Syrup - Quart size (32oz)

Honey & Syrup: Maple, Paleo, Vegan

Our customers RAVE about this syrup! We are so exited to for the opportunity to now offer it to your through Market Wagon! Our friends Jeremy and Sarah Giardina make some AMAZING Maple Syrup and we are proud to support them and their syrup business! Here is a little more about their syrup... Nestled in the heart of central Ohio, our maple syrup is carefully crafted over a true wood-burning fire. We collect sap from nearly 200 sugar maple trees on a local farm, carefully choosing tap locations to prevent injury to the tree. Our maple syrup is 100% maple sap, with no artificial dyes or added sugars. We painstakingly take the time to boil syrup down to maximize flavor. A majority of our syrup is classified as Grade A with a rich maple taste you've come to love.USA / ohio

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