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Nature's Plow

Ground Beef in 1 Pound Packages

Butcher Shop: Beef, Ground, Hormone & Antibiotic Free, Pasture Raised

Farm fresh, mouth watering ground beef in 1 pound packages. Our cattle are raised on pasture from start to finish. They are finished on grass and have free choice access to a Purina corn finishing ration. Corn-fed beef is our preference. We choose not to use hormone implants. Our cattle are a family affair and we pride ourselves in upholding the highest standards when it comes to cattle health and well-being. Lear more about us at www.naturesplow.comUSA / Missouri / Callaway County

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  • St-Louis
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    Q: Just a reminder and suggestion. It's best if a person goes to the farmer's page and sends the farmer a specific personal note with the question if it is about a specific order and the customer provides personal contact information. Anyone who reads the app can read Linda Howard's email address and phone number. That should be redacted. I've noticed this before on Market wagon even though there is a way to send personal secure messages to the farmers. There may be some confusion with customers who don't read carefully that all deliveries have a delivery charge depending on where we as customers live or are having delivery. When a customer places the first order of the week, the service charge shows up. Any subsequent orders, unless the system malfunctions, within the same order period show no delivery charge since the additional orders within that delivery.are simply added to the original order. This is a function of the app end of market wagon, not of the individual farmers such as the family that farms the acreage at: Nature's Plow.

    A: 'Thanks!'

    September 28th, 2021 person_outline Robert W.
    Q: I am upset that I placed an order less than 24 hours ago, and now you are offering me free shipping. Will you apply the free shipping to my current order? Linda Howard,,410-947-8796

    A: 'L.h. - I am not sure what you mean. I don’t have the ability to offer shipping or free shipping. If a free shipping option was offered through Market Wagon, I’m not aware of it and can’t speak for them. I’m just a farmer and offer the products on Market Wagon’s platform. If you can help me understand what you are referring to, I will definitely dig into it. '

    September 9th, 2021 person_outline linda h.
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    September 28th, 2021 person_outline Cyndy R. View Reply
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    format_quoteI bought this product multiple times from nature's plow. Lean, good quality & delicious.format_quote

    September 9th, 2021 person_outline Robert W. View Reply
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    format_quoteLean tasty beefformat_quote

    April 10th, 2021 person_outline Kandace K.
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