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Wildflower Lane Honey

Honey, Raw & Local, 32oz (Fairfield County)

Honey & Syrup: Paleo, Raw Honey

We love supporting our local farmers! RAW LOCAL HONEY - COLLECTED FROM NEARLY 60 HIVES THROUGHOUT FAIRFIELD COUNTY, OHIO. A little bit about Wildflower Lane Honey... Wildflower Lane Honey began nearly a decade ago as a spark of interest and a simple hobby. It has grown to become so much more than we ever imagined. Each harvest has its own unique flavors and varies in color and consistency. Along with honey, we have other products available such as 100% beeswax candles and pollen. In the past, we have offered comb honey and creamed honey. Over the past year, we have been focusing our energy on learning more about the actual production of queen bees, but look forward to expanding to have more products again in the future. Beekeeping has become so much more than the hobby it started out as. It is a passion that we have come to enjoy and we plan to continue for years to come! ~The Bickel FamilyUSA / ohio / fairfield County

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