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Ooyoo Dessert Spread - Earl Grey Wonder 2 oz

Jams & Spreads:

A unique and delicious spread, Earl Grey Wonder Ooyoo provides layers of rich, deep flavor. A balance of citrusy brightness from fragrant bergamot oil and dark earthy richness from black tea combine into a luscious spread that's both versatile and decadent. Earl Grey Wonder Ooyoo is perfect on scones and muffins with tea or coffee. Put it on pancakes or waffles for a special breakfast treat. Spread it on bread for a decadent snack. Add it to burgers or savory recipes for a secret ingredient that adds layers of fragrant sweetness. Stir Earl Grey Wonder Ooyoo into hot water or milk for a fantastic Earl Grey latte in just minutes. Grab a spoonful and enjoy!USA / Minnesota / Ramsey County

Milk, organic cream, organic sugar, honey, organic earl grey tea, sea salt

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  • Twin-Cities
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