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Shagbark Seed and Mill

Organic Popcorn: 1lb bag of Ohio grown, Organic kernels for popping

Snacks: Popcorn

"Shagbark Seed & Mill has been offering Ohio-grown, Certified Organic dry beans and freshly milled grains since 2010. We open markets for our farm family partners with restaurants, schools, bakeries, and home kitchens throughout our region, and offer the freshest products available because we mill to order every week in Athens! We are committed to our community! Our rock-bottom pricing to school and community food access programs make it possible to bring good food to school meals and food pantries. And we sponsor the Ohio Paw Paw Festival, the Nelsonville Music Festival, local camps, summer art programs, coal town tours, and activists in our region. We are Certified Organic (by OEFFA). Farming under Organic Certification means active crop rotations, no petro-chemicals, no GMO seeds, and agricultural practices that build soil, support healthy ecosystems, and protect water." New to Shagbark's family of products and introduced especially for cinemas outside of the Athens area, this is already the Official Popcorn of The Gateway Film Center, in Columbus, Ohio. Ideal for movie theaters, institutional buyers, and your living room! Because you do not have to wait for a night out to pair Ohio’s favorite popcorn with the latest and greatest in film.USA / Ohio

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