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Haven Herbs

Sick Kid Tisane

Health & Wellness:

Sick Kid Tisane can help kids (of all ages) with many maladies: viral infections, upset tummies, colic, fevers, inability to sleep, and inflammation. Most kids love the flavor as-is, but if sweetened with honey, this healing brew will go down for most kids without effort! And yes. Us adults can enjoy this tea for the same reasons as well. Gentle yet effective. All the herbs are good taken as tonics, meaning you can enjoy this tea anytime, whether sick or well. This is such a safe formula that it has been given to infants with colic with no issues. Haven tisanes come in airtight tins and are filled by volume. Weights range between 2 oz. and 5 oz. depending on their weight of the botanicals. Tinned tisanes come with brewing instructions and a reusable cloth infuser bag inside. Each tin makes approximately 30 individual cups of tea.USA / Ohio / Franklin County

Chamomile*, Catnip*, Lemon Balm* (*organic)

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  • CBUS-Thurs
  • CBUS-Tues
  • Northeast-Ohio
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