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Crystal Springs Creamery

Skim Milk Half Gallon

Dairy Products: Milk

This is skim milk that has been minimally processed and Low Temperature/Vat Pasteurized. The milk is bottled in glass bottles which keeps the milk tasting fresher and colder! Please rinse the empty bottle and place it in the bag at your pick up location.USA / Indiana / Elkhart County

Sorry, this product is unavailable in your local market at this time. It is available in the following markets:
  • IND-Thursday
  • Michiana
  • IND-Tuesday
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    Q: How do I get empty glass bottles back to you?

    A: put it your empty bag and it goes back the hub and we pick it up there. thanks

    June 15th, 2021 person_outline Deb L.
    star star star star star

    format_quoteGreat taste, I've tried the whole and 2% and loved them so thought I should try the skim, too. Less fat in my diet is a goal. I was very suprised that this skim does not taste like colored water like other brands. format_quote

    June 15th, 2021 person_outline Jayne K.
    star star star star star

    format_quoteBest milk I've ever tasted! Much creamier than any other skim milk I've tried! Also the tastiest! No comparison to other skim milks!format_quote

    March 4th, 2021 person_outline Sally H.
    star star star star star

    format_quoteThis milk is the best I've ever had! It just tastes good and lasts a long while. I like the glass bottle too. format_quote

    January 7th, 2021 person_outline annette r.
    star star star star star

    format_quoteThis milk is so good. I love having it in the glass bottle; no cardboard taste.format_quote

    July 28th, 2020 person_outline Susan R.
    star star star star star

    format_quotethe best. that's all.format_quote

    June 8th, 2020 person_outline Casey H.
    star star star star star

    format_quoteAmazingly delicious. I don't even cook with this stuff, I just savor it.format_quote

    April 10th, 2020 person_outline Duke E.
    star star star star star

    format_quoteBest milk ever.format_quote

    April 4th, 2020 person_outline Michael O.
    star star star star star

    format_quoteI love this milk! Will not buy anything else now. So much better than milk from the grocery store. Thank you for having this available!format_quote

    March 26th, 2020 person_outline Debra D.
    star star star star star

    format_quoteLove this milk! It's so fresh and the glass bottle keeps the milk really cold. It tastes really good and I feel like it lasts longer than store bought milk. format_quote

    March 26th, 2020 person_outline Kearsten H.
    star star star star star

    format_quoteWe love getting this milk every week. Our kids love it and it improves our coffee. It tasted better than our standard grocery store bought milk. format_quote

    March 2nd, 2020 person_outline Megan H.
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