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WIT Farm

Sliced Ham - Pasture Raised and Non-GMO Supplemented

Butcher Shop: Hormone & Antibiotic Free, Non-GMO Feed, Pasture Raised, Pork

These are nice, thick spiral slices (but not quite as thick as a ham steak). They make bomb hot ham-and-cheeses! Average Weight: 1 lbsUSA / Ohio / Franklin CountyBaltic Meats

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Q: How many slices per lb?

A: 'It can range anywhere from 4 large slices to 8 smaller slices. Just really depends on where on the ham the slice is from. Each silce is about 1/4" thick. Thank you for your question and we're always happy to answer any additional you may have!'

May 16th, 2021 person_outline Kim M.
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