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Todd Geisert Farms

Tomatoes, Hoop House sold by the pound

Fruits & Vegetables: Fresh, Tomatoes

Hoop House Tomatoes sold per pound. USA / Missouri

Sorry, this product is unavailable in your local market at this time. It is available in the following markets:
  • St-Louis
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    Q: Is Hoop House a variety or brand of tomato (like Beefsteak or Heirloom)?

    A: 'They are grown in the ground under a structure kind like a green house. Protect them from the weather '

    October 22nd, 2021 person_outline Noel L.
    Q: How late in the season do you expect these tomatoes to be available?

    A: 'Until frost. Usually around Halloween '

    July 6th, 2021 person_outline Noel L.
    Q: Are these hot house or field grown ? If hot house will you soon have field grown ?

    A: 'Usually field run are after the first part of July '

    July 4th, 2021 person_outline Margaret R.
    Q: Is this $3.60 per lbs. or per 2 lbs?

    A: 'Prices are per pound '

    July 1st, 2021 person_outline David J.
    Q: Assuming "2" is 2 pounds, not 2 tomatoes. Thank you.

    A: 'Correct '

    June 10th, 2021 person_outline Margaret K.
    Q: You sell per pound but you prefer people buy 2lbs per order?

    A: 'Order what you would use is a week Thanks '

    June 10th, 2021 person_outline Katherine M.
    Q: Is this a pound or 2 pounds per order?

    A: 'Price is per pound '

    May 19th, 2021 person_outline Katherine M.
    star star star star star

    format_quoteWe wanted one last BLT for the season, and these tomatoes were perfect! Ripe just right, real tomato taste, and big! This is the way tomatoes should look and taste. I'll definitely order from TGF again!format_quote

    October 22nd, 2021 person_outline Dennis G.
    star star star star star_outline

    format_quoteRipe as pictured but I received 3 small tomatoes. When I went to cut the one with my very sharp tomato cutting knife, it squiched everywhere. Have to admit that they are tasty though. Was just disappointed by the size I received. Can't use on my BLT's as they just slide off due to size and having to put at least three slices on a sandwich or a smooshed blob.format_quote

    July 6th, 2021 person_outline Cyndy R.
    star star star star star

    format_quoteI received 3 med sized tomatoes ordering 1 unit. I too find the description confusing, but my tomatoes were very tasty. I will order more. If too many come, easy enough to add to soup, stew or chili. format_quote

    July 4th, 2021 person_outline Elaine R. View Reply
    star star star star star

    format_quoteI've been buying these regularly since they've been offered. Beautiful excellent tasteformat_quote

    July 1st, 2021 person_outline Robert W. View Reply
    star star star star star

    format_quoteThese are beautiful tomatoes. My first order was for two pounds, but that was just a little more than the two of us could finish easily. The next time I only ordered a pound and it was perfect!format_quote

    June 10th, 2021 person_outline Lucinda C. View Reply
    star star star star star

    format_quoteThere’s nothing like a fresh tomatoformat_quote

    June 10th, 2021 person_outline Kandace K. View Reply
    star star star star star

    format_quoteOrdered 2 pounds. Five large beautiful tomatoes. Nothing beats the taste of a home grown one. Delicious and will be a repeat customer.format_quote

    May 19th, 2021 person_outline Joan K M. View Reply
    star star star_outline star_outline star_outline

    format_quoteI ordered these last week and was disappointed that they arrived with developing black spots on 3 of 4 tomatoes. I thought maybe it was just bad timing, so I ordered 2 more pounds this week. Of the 7 small tomatoes, 3 again had developing black spots along with wrinkling around the stems. Don't plan on trying them anymore. format_quote

    May 11th, 2021 person_outline PEARL G.
    star star star star star

    format_quoteThese were very very good. For my order of one lb, I got one medium tomato large enough size to easily fill two dinner salads and one large beefsteak type tomato that made great thick slices enough for 4 BLT sandwiches plus a taste or two for the cook They were ripe, red and had good flavor. Nothing like a hot house tomato but very close to a summer tomato. format_quote

    May 8th, 2021 person_outline Chris S. View Reply
    star star star star star

    format_quoteI was worried these would not be as red and ripe as pictured here as I was making my first Caprese salad of spring but they were absolutely perfect, and just as shown. format_quote

    April 29th, 2021 person_outline Nancy L. View Reply
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