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Crystal Springs Creamery

Vanilla Yogurt 32 oz.

Dairy Products: , yogurt

Our smooth and creamy yogurt is non-homogenized, gluten free and made with all natural whole milk. It is also high in protein. USA / Indiana / Elkart County

Whole milk, cane sugar, nonfat dry milk powder, all natural geletin, vanilla, live & active cultures.

Sorry, this product is unavailable in your local market at this time. It is available in the following markets:
  • IND-Thursday
  • Michiana
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    Q: When will you have the large carton of Honey Strawberry yogurt available?

    A: We will have the strawberry honey next week. sorry for the inconvience

    July 13th, 2021 person_outline Margaret C.
    Q: How many grams of sugar per serving?

    A: vanilla based on 8 oz serving: 28 grams of sugar, 7 grams fat,trans fat 0, cholesterol 30 mg, sodium 160 mg, total carbohydrates 31 grams, dietary fiber 0 grams, protein 12 grams

    July 9th, 2021 person_outline Casey
    star star star star star

    format_quoteIt was very good. format_quote

    July 13th, 2021 person_outline Billie J.
    star star star star star

    format_quoteMy favorite!format_quote

    July 9th, 2021 person_outline Melissa M.
    star star star star star

    format_quoteWe love this yogurt. Not too sweet, not too tart. Excellent with fresh or frozen fruit or in smoothies.format_quote

    May 20th, 2020 person_outline Laura H.
    star star star star star

    format_quoteThis yogurt is delicious! We love the flavor and the texture. Add some fruit and granola and it's the perfect breakfast. :)format_quote

    April 24th, 2020 person_outline Sarah S.
    star star star star star

    format_quoteWow! Got a sample of this vanilla yogurt in a recent purchase. I'm so glad I did as I really enjoyed it. Sweet but tart too!format_quote

    March 18th, 2018 person_outline Lara
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